Women’s Health Workshops

Operation Hope received 2,200 women’s health kits, from some of the NSW & Qld chapters of the International organisation “Days for Girls”, and included these kits in our shipping container project to Iraq. Following a fund-raising event during refugee week in June, $3777.00 was sent to the Lotus Flower to help support the start of the workshops.

These kits will be distributed in Women’s & Girls Health Workshops run by NGO “The Lotus Flower”. The participants in the 3 – 4 hour workshops are the traumatised women and girls who are either refugees or internally displaced women living in the massive tent camps in Kurdistan. A local Coordinator will oversee and train local women from the camps, who will present the workshops in their native language.

The presenters will each receive a salary which will bring financial stability and independence for them. Long term the workshops will continue using women’s health kits made by the women (often widows and/or recently released by ISIS) who work in “The Lotus Flower” sewing groups in the camps. These workshops and distribution of the kits provide a sustainable long term employment program for many women and give education, dignity and independence to many women and girls. Operation Hope is financially supporting the workshops. Thank you to those who have donated to this wonderful project.

Aid Distribution progress

The team from Joint Help for Kurdistan has started distributing the humanitarian aid from the shipping container. The arrival of the container and its release for distribution coincided with the Kurdish New Year celebration of Newroz. Packages of toys, clothes and gifts were distributed to the most needy families so the parents would be able to give them to their children at Newroz.

Distribution to the needy at Baged Kandal Camps 1 & 2 continued today as more packs prepared by the Joint Help for Kurdistan crew were distributed. Thanks to Salih, Amina H Juno, Ahmed, Hamo, Aido, Saado, Heat Sdfa, Dr. Ahmed, Majid and Jalal.

It has been a huge job in preparing, cataloging, packing, weighing, shipping, getting it though the border, then customs clearance, but now to see the hard work going to those it was intended to help makes all the stress worthwhile.

And yes – the shipping did go over budget due to the delays at the border and at customs, so if you can help us cover some of the US$3,000 in extra costs, our projects for 2019 can start immediately.


You may remember that we asked for donations sometime ago for a number of operations that Marwan required after sustaining horrific leg injuries in an airstrike in Mosul.

The staff at the ADRA/Adventisthelp emergency field clinic have taken on board organising the operations for Marwan in a hospital in Erbil.

About two weeks ago, Marwan underwent the first operation which included debridement of the wound and the bone and putting cement in between the fragments.

His second operation is scheduled for August.  We will keep you updated.

A donation for this first operation for Marwan was remitted from Operation Hope.  This donation was made possible from a bequest from Sandra Manco and her friends in memory of her ex husband Romano who passed away.



….. the continuing story of dear little Abdulmalik, the boy who was caught in an airstrike in Mosul last year.  He suffered horrific injuries and needed an extensive operation to realign his wrist and lower arm.  This surgery occured in December 2017 and we have just had word that the follow up surgery by a plastic surgeon has been successful.

Funding of both operations for Abdulmalik was possible due to donations to the Operation Hope ‘Christmas Appeal’.

Thank you for giving the gift of hope to this little boy.  He will return to the camp near Mosul for his recovery.

Our kind thanks to Darya Mustafa for his help in organising and ensuring both operations were performed by specialists in Erbil.  Darya also organised the transport from the camp into the hospital on many occasions for assessment, surgery, pre – operation testing and checkups.   This work was done in his own time and often funded from his own pocket – thank you for your dedication to the well being of these people.

fullsizeoutput_5103IMG_2458Skin from his right leg was used in the graft for his right hand, wrist and arm.


3 February, 2018


Tamara has had her big operation to implant the cornea ensuring that her sight is saved in one eye.  She is blind in the other eye.

Thank you to all those who gave so generously to ensure that we could go ahead with the order and purchase of the Cornea from US and the operation in a hospital in Erbil.

Tamara’s family want to say Thank You



27 March, 2018

What a good news story: The total funds required for Tamara’s operation have been raised and sent to Erbil.  Darya is organising all the pre operative testing that Tamara requires so that as soon as the cornea arrives Tamara can have the implantation surgery.

Thank you to all who contributed – Tamara will now have sight out of one eye.


20 March, 2018

Thank you to all of you who have donated to the importation of a cornea from US for Tamara.  She has already lost the sight in one eye and needs to have the cornea implant surgery to regain sight in the other eye.

The cornea is expected to be flown into Erbil in the next few days and the implantation surgery then has to be performed urgently.

Outstanding costs for the surgery are now USD800.

Could you help donate for the urgent surgery to help Tamara regain the gift of sight in her only functioning eye.

To donate using PayPal or Credit card press the donate button on our webpage:



Deposits can be accepted to our Bank Account:

Account Name: Operation Hope

BSB: 034 087    Account Number: 045791


Please share Tamara’s story with your family and friends and on your fb page to ensure the widest coverage possible for this project to be successful.

Thank you for reading.






Removal of eye sutures

This young man required surgical removal of sutures following eye surgery.  Darya contacted us as a matter of urgency to provide funding to allow him to travel to Erbil and have the stitches removed in hospital.

Within hours of sending the USD80 needed for the operation, the young man was having the stitches removed with a cream prescribed to help healing.

What a difference his eye looks after removal of stitches.  He is very grateful and now pain free.