Preparing Medical Equipment

Big THANK YOU to Steve and Kim for the work they have done ensuring all the medical equipment donations are in working order and power plugs changed. Today it was checking and testing the four sterilisers….once these items reach Kurdistan, Northern Iraq they can be placed straight into use in the medical clinics, hospitals, heart … Continue reading Preparing Medical Equipment

Hospital Equipment for Iraq

Although filling the 40ft shipping container is already guaranteed with the incredible amount of donations we have already received, further donations are continuing to arrive. Thank you to the neonatal specialist at John Hunter Hospital for the donation of 6 infant incubators! Also his personal offer of support for the proposed new birth clinic in … Continue reading Hospital Equipment for Iraq

Bajed Kandala Camp

Bajed Kandala camp in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq where 11,500 Yazidi people have lived in camps in really hot and really cold weather for the past 4 years. Our team will be volunteering at this camp in September/October. This camp is the destination for our shipping container. These are the people who need our donations for … Continue reading Bajed Kandala Camp