Operation Hope

We are a small group of Australians who were moved by the plight of refugees. Our common compassion for our fellow humans drew us to want to directly contribute to helping refugees fleeing war in Syria and Iraq.

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We first volunteered in refugee camps in 2016 in Greece. Since 2017, our humanitarian work has taken us to the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people and Syrian refugees in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. Since 2016, we have raised over $100,000 to support the building of an emergency field hospital near Mosul, a mental health care clinic, 25+ surgeries and treatments for individual women and children injured in the war with ISIS. In 2019 and 2020 we filled 2 x 40ft shipping containers with: - humanitarian aid for Refugees in camps, - medical equipment for hospitals in Syria and Duhok Province in Kurdistan, - 5000 x Women's Health Kits for distribution to Refugee women in 3 camps, distributed through Women's Health Workshops, - Medical books and Journals for the School of Medicine in Mosul, - Specialist medical equipment for Sinjar Hospital in Northern Iraq - the home city for the Yazidi people. The value of these 2 shipping container contents, to replace new, would be approximately $A2,000,000 We have volunteered in the Hassam Sham U2 camp, 20 kms east of Mosul and Bajed Kandala 2 camp 20kms from the Syrian border. In 2021 we plan to take a medical team from Australia to provide workshops and training for medical professionals in hospitals in Duhok and Erbil.


Warm Clothes Urgently Needed for Refugee Children

Kurdistan has been hit by the coldest weather in nearly 10 years. Thick snow on tents and in the camps is making life miserable for ‘000s of refugees. Many children have only thin track suits. Newly arrived refugees from Syria have only the clothes on their backs.

The Kurdish government Joint Crisis Committee have invited us to direct our recent donation to clothe some of the 1,000 Syrian refugees in Bardarash camp, Kurdistan. The refugees arrived recently from war torn Syria with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. So we will distribute 300 jackets and socks purchased last weekend to these Syrian children before the end of this week.

But there are many more children who need warm clothes. Donate so we can keep more children warm.

Thank you to NGO The Lotus Flower for their help in logistics and communications with the Kurdish government in this project.