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New Housing Project:
The 2,471 refugee families in Shariya camp (totalling approximately 19,000 individuals) have been given permission to replace their worn out tents with cement block homes.  For the refugees who have been living in these tents for the past 8 years, it is a relief that the Kurdish government has given permission for the tents to be replaced by a 4m square room containing a window and door.  This will be a much better environment for the families as they face hot summers and freezing winters each year. There is a catch though – the $US1000 cost per house is to be paid by the family.  We plan to raise funds for the non-government organisation Springs of Hope Foundation Ltd who run numerous projects and programs in the Shariya camp to build cement brick homes. 

Our goal:
Operation Hope Australia Ltd will raise funds to assist in buying materials and building cement brick homes.  These homes will house some of the students in Shariya camp who have survived captivity by ISIS – 99% of them are orphaned and live with their extended family.  These students will never have the funds to build these simple homes and their families have in most cases had to pay a high ransom to buy freedom for the young person. Vulnerable women, women with special needs and displaced people in the camp also will have a home built for them.

Cost for each home:

Total per 4m x 4m house will be $A1600

  • 500 blocks: $230 
  • 5 tonnes of cement: $160 
  • 5 cubic metres of sand: $140 
  • 1 x Window: $90
  • 1 x Door: $180
  • Metal support for roof: $80
  • Sandwich panel for roof: $240
  • Plaster: $160 
  • 3 x workers for 2 days work: $240

*Refugees from Shariya camp, Shariya village will be employed to build the cement brick homes.  All these workers have previous experience – having been involved in building cement brick homes in June 2021 when a disasterous fire destroyed 200 tents including all belongings in Shariya camp.

We need your assistance:
We invite you to assist us getting these students and vulnerable women into a secure home.
We happily accept donations by credit cards using the DONATE button below

If you prefer to make a deposit to our bank account the details are as follows:
Account Name: Operation Hope Australia Ltd
BSB: 034 087 at Westpac Banking Corporation, Sherwood, Queensland
Account Number: 045 791

Extra Information:
Receipts to claim tax refund will be automatically issued if you donate via the webpage.
Please contact us for a receipt if you deposit to the bank account.
100% of your donation goes to the project.
We have no salaried staff – all are volunteers.

Photo credits: NGO Springs of Hope Foundation Ltd

The more funds we raise the more homes we can build – there are still many more orphans, widowed women with families and the most poor and less able including elderly yazidis with major health issues in tents in Shariya Refugee Camp.

Erica Henley
Founder and Chairwoman

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