What we do

Iraq 2019

Our current project due for completion shortly, is the successful delivery of the 40ft shipping container filled with medical and hospital equipment and aid into Bajed Kandala 2 camp in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

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Iraq 2018

The year has commenced with more urgent medical cases needing funding.  Every day in the camps 25kms east of Mosul, our team member, Darya Mustafa is seeing children with shocking injuries from air strikes in Mosul, burns victims, congenital conditions and malnutrition. Continue reading “Iraq 2018”

Iraq 2017

After having teamed with Adventisthelp in September 2016 at the Oinfyta refugee camp in Greece, we were intrigued with the story of their new project.

In January, 2017, Dr Michael John Von Horston, the founder of NGO Adventisthelp, proposed to build an emergency hospital in Northern Iraq.
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Greece 2016

Our trip to Greece in September 2016 as humanitarian and medical volunteers was our first venture as a team. The team consisted of 4 nurses, a music teacher, an admin person with teacher aide and children’s ministry skills, and a Australian Italian who was living in Rome and volunteering full-time with refugees.

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