The year has commenced with more urgent medical cases needing funding.  Every day in the camps 25kms east of Mosul, our team member, Darya Mustafa is seeing children with shocking injuries from air strikes in Mosul, burns victims, congenital conditions and malnutrition.

Here is a list of the cases still requiring urgent funding.  Please consider donating.


Case Number 1: An airstrike in Mosul shattered RAHAF’s femur. Surgery inserted plates to hold her femur in place to heal. She is now in considerable pain caused by the plates as she lies in the tent at the camp unable to have an operation to remove the plates as her family hasn’t the USD500 required.


Case Number 2: RAMI suffers from haemophilia and urgently requires 4 injections.  The camp doctor has referred Rami into Erbil to the hospital for the injections and each time he has been returned to the camp because his family do not have the money for the injections.

IMG_1580Case No 3: YONIS needs preliminary tests and xrays to determine his condition.  The camp doctor believes he will need surgery and estimate that cost may be USD700.  None of this can be confirmed until we have raised funds to cover this operation which is now urgent.

IMG_1590Case No 4:  AIYD has a congenital disorder in the urinary system – midshaft hypospadias. He is suffering kidney inflamation because he cannot urinate properly and needs urgent surgery costing USD900. Surgery is super urgent.


Case Number 5: MALE resides in one of the camps 25kms east of Mosul.  His humerous was shattered in airstrikes in Mosul.  He has had surgery where plates were inserted.  He has sold food, mattress, clothes – basically everything except two blankets to pay for the pain medication.  I would like to be able to remit funds to cover his pain medication until he requires second operation to remove the plates.


Case No 6: SHAYMA has a congenital eye condition with conical horn.  If treated earlier she would have had a good chance of recovery of sight.  We purchased special glasses for her in December and she requires a check up in January and most likely eye surgery.  An operation for Shayma cannot be organised until we have funds raised to cover expenses.