Urgent Need: 2 x Oxygen Concentrators for Sinjar Hospital

Kim and I are travelling to Kurdistan in February, 2019 to help unpack and distribute the contents of the 40ft shipping container we sent at the end of 2018.   I will be coordinating women’s health workshops for 1,300+ women and girls at the Bajed Kandala 2 camp. I have received an urgent request from … Continue reading Urgent Need: 2 x Oxygen Concentrators for Sinjar Hospital

Thank you to our supporters

A big thank you to all our wonderful financial supporters. Because of your generous donations we were able to help support new and existing projects at Baged Kandala 2 camp under the leadership of NGO “Joint Help for Kurdistan”…. purchase educational resources for the students choose colourful fabric, wool, sewing tables, sewing cupboard, a floor mat … Continue reading Thank you to our supporters

Working with Ezidi’s

Each day we start off knowing that the day will hold new experiences, meet new friends and are amazed by the beautiful resilient Ezidi people. Barbara Bluett is an absolute magnet for Yazidi’s of all ages…….she lives in Toowoomba, Australia’s largest Yazidi community. Barbara has been leading and assisting in English classes. Barbara and Wafaa Tanious, went to … Continue reading Working with Ezidi’s

Women’s Health

Our own qualified educator, Wafaa Tanius, started the women’s health groups today and over 45 women and girls attended the two sessions. For some, it was the first time they had ever heard anyone speak about their bodies and women’s health issues. Thank you to the Hervey Bay ‘Days for Girls’ chapter for providing Wafaa with 106 … Continue reading Women’s Health

Life in Bajed Kandala Camp

This week: Unpacking a suitcase of donated medical supplies in the nurses office in the camp 5 English classes per day Shopping for educational resources Picking up student workbooks from printer Buying beautiful fabrics for the sewing group Experiencing wonderful hospitality today – a banquet made lovingly by the family of one of our English … Continue reading Life in Bajed Kandala Camp