Surviving ISIS

Tonights episode of Foreign Correspondent on the ABC provided a good description of the events of 2014 when ISIS swept into the Yazidi region of Sinjar, murdered thousands of men and old women, took boys hostage and kidnapped young women to be sold as slaves.

but the legacy of their brutal caliphate remains. The Yazidis of northern Iraq were slaughtered and enslaved by ISIS. Today the search continues for the missing Yazidis who have still not returned home. The video shows Sinjar, the home of the Yazidis, and talks to a young woman who was enslaved by an Australian member of ISIS. She now lives in Duhok, where Operation Hope sent 2 x 40 foot shipping containers of medical equipment and humanitarian aid in 2018 and 2019. 

We continue to support Yazidi refugees at the onset of winter by providing warm clothes, and our current project is to duplicate a greenhouse in the Shariya refugee camp to provide increased fresh fruit and vegetables for the Yazidis in the camp. Please view the ABC program and visit our website to read more about the project and donate to the Garden of Hope Project using the button below.

We cannot do a lot to help the people featured in the program doing such good work in the Sinjar area. But we can support Yazidis who have escaped from ISIS especially those women who have been rescued from ISIS captivity and are now living in refugee camps in the Duhok region.

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