Snow in Kurdistan – Warm clothing needed

The weather has been bitterly cold in Kurdistan, making conditions in basic camps harder than ever when warm clothing is needed. The majority of refugees and displaced people live in rudimentary tents and cabins. These have little or no heating inside, so when the snow falls and the temperature plummets, things can get pretty miserable … Continue reading Snow in Kurdistan – Warm clothing needed

2019 Women’s Health Workshops

Operation Hope received 2,200 women’s health kits, from some of the NSW & Qld chapters of the International organisation “Days for Girls”, and included these kits in our first shipping container project to Iraq. The kits arrived in March 2019 and following a fund-raising event during refugee week in June 2019, $3777.00 was sent to … Continue reading 2019 Women’s Health Workshops

Aid Distribution progress

The team from Joint Help for Kurdistan has started distributing the humanitarian aid from the shipping container. The arrival of the container and its release for distribution coincided with the Kurdish New Year celebration of Newroz. Packages of toys, clothes and gifts were distributed to the most needy families so the parents would be able … Continue reading Aid Distribution progress