Snow in Kurdistan – Warm clothing needed

The weather has been bitterly cold in Kurdistan, making conditions in basic camps harder than ever when warm clothing is needed. The majority of refugees and displaced people live in rudimentary tents and cabins. These have little or no heating inside, so when the snow falls and the temperature plummets, things can get pretty miserable if they do not have warm clothing.

This year is the coldest for over 10 years with deep snow blanketing the country and the refugee’s tents. Many have collapsed under the weight of snow, so the roofs must be cleared regularly. The tents have no insulation despite overnight temperatures as low as -5ÂșC. So fuel for heating is being used quickly and many refugee families have run out. It is expensive to replace and many families do not have the money to buy more.

Many children do not have suitable clothing for such cold weather. They only have access only to flimsy trousers and jumpers with no footwear or socks suitable.

In the last few days 1,000 refugees fleeing the war in Syria, have arrived into Bardarash Camp with only the clothes they were wearing. In this weather they are needing warm clothes quickly.

To respond to this urgent need, Operation Hope has sent A$4,500 to buy jackets and socks for 300 refugees. But there are another 700 people who need warm clothes as well.

$15.00 buys a warm jacket and 3 pairs of socks for a child, so it is very easy for us to help keep them warm. CLICK the button below to keep a child warm.

Very cold girl in snow with bare feet.

Photo Credits: Top – Irish News, Bottom – The Lotus Flower ‘Storytelling Sisters’ project

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