Kurdish Lobby of Australia

Tuesday 5 February, 2019 I had the most delightful time in Sydney this afternoon….meeting with the President of the Kurdish Lobby of Australia…Mr Eziz Bawermend.  The Lobby has been registered since 2015 and its boasts international as well as national membership. A recently elected board member is well known human rights and refugee advocate Julian William … Continue reading Kurdish Lobby of Australia

Newcastle Mosque Open Day

What a lovely time at the Newcastle Mosque Open Day…..great opportunity for multi faith dialogue and conversations, food, fun, henna and friendship. Sheikh Khamis invited me to share the story of Operation Hope Australia and our projects and programmes for the displaced people and refugees in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.  It was a pleasure to speak … Continue reading Newcastle Mosque Open Day

FULLY FUNDED: 2 x Oxygen Concentrators for Sinjar Hospital

FANTASTIC NEWS TO SHARE: 25 January, 2019 1. A mobile oxygen concentrator has been donated to Sinjar hospital by a Doctor in Germany – thank you Dr Andreas Gammel. Thank you also to Franz Josef Hoellwarth from Austria, who responded to my urgent request by communicating the need to Dr A. Gammel. Also many thanks … Continue reading FULLY FUNDED: 2 x Oxygen Concentrators for Sinjar Hospital