2021 Christmas Winter Appeal

It was our pleasure to once again be invited by the non-government organisation “The Lotus Flower” to partner in this annual Appeal.

This is our third year where the money we raise is used to purchase warm jackets, socks and boots for refugee children in Kurdistan.

The cold winter is settling into Kurdistan making life in the refugee camps very uncomfortable. In the last week there has been flooding and in some areas snow.

Last week children from Essyan and Chamishco Refugee Camps and the Renaga Community were fitted out with these warm clothes.

The project co-oincides with the Yazidi Eid celebration. Despite the tragedy and trauma that has marked their lives they hold fast to their faith and religious traditions. The Eid celebration is a time of great joy – many families make their way to the village of Lalish – the spiritual centre and home of their religion. Most families share a special meal/feast called Roshin Eazy at the end of the 3 days of fasting – and families love to have a new dress/outfit. It has been a joy to see the happiness for the children who received the new warm clothes.

Thank you to everyone who made generous donations to this appeal – we raised a massive $A8,000.

It is only with the support of our donors that we can participate in these projects that bring hope and joy to so many.

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