HASAN – Rest in Peace

Four year old Hasan lived for a short time in the Hassan Sham U2 camp for IDPs (Internally Displaced People) located 25kms east of Mosul.  His family fled Mosul after spending months in hiding from ISIS. Before reaching the safety of the camp Hasan’s older brother died from malnutrician. Darya, our pharmacist friend, referred Hasan … Continue reading HASAN – Rest in Peace


Update 27 March, 2018 Darya Mustafa is organising pre operative tests for Shayma so that she can undergo urgent retinal transplantation surgery in Erbil.  We are so grateful to a private donor in Erbil who has funded this operation that will save Shayma’s eyesight. Urgent Update 10 February, 2018 Shayma desperately requires a retinal transplantation … Continue reading SHAYMA

ABDULMALIK – First surgery complete

Abdulmalik and his mother sustained serious injuries in air strikes in Mosul before fleeing to the relative safety in the camps for IDPs (internally displaced people) located 25kms east of Mosul. Darya, our pharmacist friend from Erbil organised the transfer of Abdulmalik and his mother to a hospital in Erbil for surgery for both of … Continue reading ABDULMALIK – First surgery complete