Operation Hope has shipped 5,000+ Women’s Health Kits to NGO “The Lotus Flower”

Updated April 2021:

In 2019 and 2020 we were able to sent 5,000 Women’s Health Kits to Kurdistan packed into our 2 x 40ft shipping containers. The kits contain reusable and washable sanitary items – that can last 4 – 5 years.

We donated the 5,000 kits to the Non Government Organisation – The Lotus Flower who run health workshops for young girls in three refugee camps in the Duhok Province in Kurdistan.

Vian Ahmed, Regional Manager of The Lotus Flower has just sent us the following update: “Since December 2020 , we have conducted 24 workshops in Domiz 2 camp and have involved 400 young girls in the workshops and have stopped there so we can plan for the next location which will be Essyan camp” 

This is a wonderful outcome for these girls – most of whom have been living in the camps for almost 7 years – allowing them dignity, independence and the freedom to attend school uninterrupted.

These workshops and distribution of the kits provide a sustainable long term employment program for women and give education, dignity and independence to many women and girls. Operation Hope is financially supporting the workshops. Thank you to those who have donated to this wonderful project.

Thank you to the New South Wales and Queensland chapters in Australia from the International Organisation “Days for Girls” who happily made and supplied us (in many cases at short notice) with the 5,000 kits to send to women and girls in Kurdistan.

Womens Health Workshop in Refugee camp in Kurdistan 2018