The pain of the Yazidis

How do explain what it is like to lose 18 members of your family to execution or enslavement by ISIS? How does a woman raised to be modest, go about uncovering the sexual abuse and rape she has endured – especially to a global audience? Nadia Murad has done just that and for her courage and determination to be a voice for the Yazidi people, she has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

What if these tortured and traumatised women and girls were your wife, mother, daughter or granddaughters? What if these men who were killed were you father, husband, son, uncle or brother? We have heard horrific stories this week from the Yazidi’s at Bajed Kandala… extended family of 32 were slaughtered and only 3 young people remain alive today. Others have not heard or seen their family members since the genocide in August 2014.
Support and befriend the local Yazidi communities in Toowoomba, Armidale, Orange, Dubbo, Coffs Harbour and Wagga.

Photo: From FlickerFlame Blog

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