2020 Medical Equipment to Sinjar Hospital

Medical equipment for Sinjar Hospital: 2nd October 2020

Thank you Dr Hussein Nasser Ra Sho for organising collection of the medical equipment from our shipping container in Duhok, Kurdistan and distribution to Sinjar hospital in Northern Iraq

Thank you to the philanthropic group in Sydney (who wish to remain anonymous) for their kind donation of the new equipment:

1 x oxygen concentrator

1 x oxygen filling station/compressor

2 x oxygen analysers

1 x oxygen cylinder

Thank you to Thomas Rabbitt and other Biomedical staff at John Hunter Hospital here in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia for the donation of medical equipment:



Paediatric Ventilator

Thank You to all those who donated financially to our 40ft Shipping Container Project. We rely on generous donations to fund our projects.

Thank you Hameed Fattah and Dr Hivan Sarbast from the Directorate of Health in Duhok, Kurdistan for your continued assistance in the distribution process.

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