….. the continuing story of dear little Abdulmalik, the boy who was caught in an airstrike in Mosul last year.  He suffered horrific injuries and needed an extensive operation to realign his wrist and lower arm.  This surgery occured in December 2017 and we have just had word that the follow up surgery by a plastic surgeon has been successful.

Funding of both operations for Abdulmalik was possible due to donations to the Operation Hope ‘Christmas Appeal’.

Thank you for giving the gift of hope to this little boy.  He will return to the camp near Mosul for his recovery.

Our kind thanks to Darya Mustafa for his help in organising and ensuring both operations were performed by specialists in Erbil.  Darya also organised the transport from the camp into the hospital on many occasions for assessment, surgery, pre – operation testing and checkups.   This work was done in his own time and often funded from his own pocket – thank you for your dedication to the well being of these people.

fullsizeoutput_5103IMG_2458Skin from his right leg was used in the graft for his right hand, wrist and arm.


3 February, 2018


Tamara has had her big operation to implant the cornea ensuring that her sight is saved in one eye.  She is blind in the other eye.

Thank you to all those who gave so generously to ensure that we could go ahead with the order and purchase of the Cornea from US and the operation in a hospital in Erbil.

Tamara’s family want to say Thank You



27 March, 2018

What a good news story: The total funds required for Tamara’s operation have been raised and sent to Erbil.  Darya is organising all the pre operative testing that Tamara requires so that as soon as the cornea arrives Tamara can have the implantation surgery.

Thank you to all who contributed – Tamara will now have sight out of one eye.


20 March, 2018

Thank you to all of you who have donated to the importation of a cornea from US for Tamara.  She has already lost the sight in one eye and needs to have the cornea implant surgery to regain sight in the other eye.

The cornea is expected to be flown into Erbil in the next few days and the implantation surgery then has to be performed urgently.

Outstanding costs for the surgery are now USD800.

Could you help donate for the urgent surgery to help Tamara regain the gift of sight in her only functioning eye.

To donate using PayPal or Credit card press the donate button on our webpage:



Deposits can be accepted to our Bank Account:

Account Name: Operation Hope

BSB: 034 087    Account Number: 045791


Please share Tamara’s story with your family and friends and on your fb page to ensure the widest coverage possible for this project to be successful.

Thank you for reading.






Removal of eye sutures

This young man required surgical removal of sutures following eye surgery.  Darya contacted us as a matter of urgency to provide funding to allow him to travel to Erbil and have the stitches removed in hospital.

Within hours of sending the USD80 needed for the operation, the young man was having the stitches removed with a cream prescribed to help healing.

What a difference his eye looks after removal of stitches.  He is very grateful and now pain free.





Operation Hope – News Update

We are very very grateful and excited to share the news – Operation Hope, through our donors, raised $5,166.70 in January.

Those funds have been remitted to Iraq and achieved the following:

  • 4 injections for haemophilia sufferer 11yo Rami
  • Surgery to remove gall gladder for 51 year old Amsha who is still in hospital recovering
  • Surgery to remove 2 hernias in 14 month old Ahmad
  • Medication for 4 year old Muhamed who has had “water on his lungs”
  • 10 injections to prevent thrombosis in an 8mth pregnant mother
  • Surgery to remove metal plates in the femur of 4yo Rahaf who is now walking again
  • Surgery and mastectomy for 46yo widow Raafa who is mother to 6 children
  • Second surgery for Abdulmalik for reconstruction and plastic surgery of his right hand and arm, following serious injuries in airstrike last year in Mosul.

Thank you so much to all our generous donors who have made these operations and treatments possible.  Some of the children feature in the postcard posted above.

Please read the individual blogs on the cover page of our website for medical cases still requiring funding.


ANHAR – Medication sourced from ADRA/Adventisthelp field hospital

Exciting update Wednesday 31 January, 2018:

Our NGO friends Adventisthelp who built and operate the emergency field hospital in the Hassan Sham U2 camp have offered free medication from their pharmacy for Anhar.  So working as a team Anhar will receive the medication she so desperately needs for Free.  Our grateful thanks to Darya Mustafa, Dr Mustafa Ismael Jaff and Ahmed Fakhree.


Anhar is 10 years old and living in the Khazir camp 25kms east of Mosul.  Both her parents were killed in airstrikes in Mosul.  Anhar has 5 siblings all of whom are under the care of their 70+ year old grandmother in the camp.  The grandmother does not have any money for clothes or anything extra for her grandchildren.  They are surviving only on the food handouts at the camp.

Anhar has epilepsy and requires Tegretol 400mg and carbamazepine 200mg medication which costs USD150 per month.

Our team member, Darya Mustafa, is endeavouring to find the best discounted price for this medication.

So we are looking for approximately $A150 per month to cover the cost of Anhar’s medication for epilepsy.

One way to fund this monthly commitment would be for a donor or several donors to commit to making a monthly payment into the Operation Hope Account so that we can ensure Anhar has the medication she requires.

If you would like to donate on a monthly basis for Anhar please let me know your commitment by email: operationhopeaust@bigpond.com

One off donations can be accepted as well by clicking the donate button

I will visit this family in March and ensure that all the children receive a new set of clothing and anything else that we can provide at that time.  

Thank you for visiting this page and reading Anhar’s story.


MUHAMED – Discharged from Hospital

Update 3 March 2018

Muhamed is now fully recovered – thanks to the care of the staff at the ADRA/Adventisthelp emergency Field Hospital.



Update February 2nd 2018:

Muhamed is being discharged from the hospital in Erbil and returning to the Hassan Sham U2 camp where he will be under the ongoing care of the staff at the ADRA/Adventisthelp Emergency Field hospital.  Thank you to our donors who helped fund medication and physiotherapy equipment for Muhamed.

Little 4 year old Muhamed has been living with his family in the Hassan Sham U2 camp, 25 kms east of Mosul.  It is winter and living in a tent is cold and damp.

Muhamed was taken to the ADRA/Adventisthelp Emergency field hospital in the camp and was immediately referred to a hospital in Erbil.  His has been in a critical condition with “water in the lungs”.   Muhamed has been in hospital for several weeks now undergoing bloods tests and X-rays.

Our team member Darya Mustafa, organised transport by ambulance for Muhamed to the hospital and has been overseeing his care along with the doctor at the hospital.  ADRA/Adventisthelp have been wonderful providing prescribed medication FREE from their pharmacy at the camp.

Operation Hope has funded medications and physiotherapy equipment for Muhamed costing USD161.

IMG_1838  img_1814.jpg

We are praying for a speedy and full recovery for Mohamed and will keep you updated with his progress.

Darya regularly provides (at his own cost) food, juice and biscuits for Mohamed because the hospital does not provide any of these items.

If you would like to help with these ongoing costs please click the donate button.