3 February, 2018


Tamara has had her big operation to implant the cornea ensuring that her sight is saved in one eye.  She is blind in the other eye.

Thank you to all those who gave so generously to ensure that we could go ahead with the order and purchase of the Cornea from US and the operation in a hospital in Erbil.

Tamara’s family want to say Thank You



27 March, 2018

What a good news story: The total funds required for Tamara’s operation have been raised and sent to Erbil.  Darya is organising all the pre operative testing that Tamara requires so that as soon as the cornea arrives Tamara can have the implantation surgery.

Thank you to all who contributed – Tamara will now have sight out of one eye.


20 March, 2018

Thank you to all of you who have donated to the importation of a cornea from US for Tamara.  She has already lost the sight in one eye and needs to have the cornea implant surgery to regain sight in the other eye.

The cornea is expected to be flown into Erbil in the next few days and the implantation surgery then has to be performed urgently.

Outstanding costs for the surgery are now USD800.

Could you help donate for the urgent surgery to help Tamara regain the gift of sight in her only functioning eye.

To donate using PayPal or Credit card press the donate button on our webpage:



Deposits can be accepted to our Bank Account:

Account Name: Operation Hope

BSB: 034 087    Account Number: 045791


Please share Tamara’s story with your family and friends and on your fb page to ensure the widest coverage possible for this project to be successful.

Thank you for reading.






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