Operation Hope – News Update

We are very very grateful and excited to share the news – Operation Hope, through our donors, raised $5,166.70 in January.

Those funds have been remitted to Iraq and achieved the following:

  • 4 injections for haemophilia sufferer 11yo Rami
  • Surgery to remove gall gladder for 51 year old Amsha who is still in hospital recovering
  • Surgery to remove 2 hernias in 14 month old Ahmad
  • Medication for 4 year old Muhamed who has had “water on his lungs”
  • 10 injections to prevent thrombosis in an 8mth pregnant mother
  • Surgery to remove metal plates in the femur of 4yo Rahaf who is now walking again
  • Surgery and mastectomy for 46yo widow Raafa who is mother to 6 children
  • Second surgery for Abdulmalik for reconstruction and plastic surgery of his right hand and arm, following serious injuries in airstrike last year in Mosul.

Thank you so much to all our generous donors who have made these operations and treatments possible.  Some of the children feature in the postcard posted above.

Please read the individual blogs on the cover page of our website for medical cases still requiring funding.


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