Update Wednesday 28 February, 2018:

We are very saddened to know that Salwa’s new baby passed away earlier today.  Salwa has been removed from the hospital and returned to the camp 25kms east of Mosul.  I have asked our friend Darya Mustafa to ensure, if it is at all possible, that Salwa be admitted to the ADRA/Adventisthelp emergency field hospital in the adjoining camp.  I am concerned for her health following the caesarian and passing of her child.  Salwa will then be returned to her 4 young children in their tent.

Rest in Peace little one.

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Exciting news Tuesday 27 February, 2018:

Salwa gave birth (by caesarian operation lasting four hours) this morning to a dear little boy.  He is currently in the neo natal care unit which means that Salwa will not be discharged from Wilada hospital until later this week.  His photo is shown above.  We are so happy for Salwa that all is well, though she is very tired.  Giving thanks for new life today.

Update 19 February, 2018:

Our friend and team member, Darya Mustafa has managed to secure a FREE caesarian for Salwa in Wilada Hospital in Erbil.  Today I have sent USD200 and Darya is taking Salwa to the camp hospital for all her pre operation tests – virology, ultrasound, CBC, blood group and a welcome pack.  I will keep you up to date with her progress and birth.

By the way at 25 years of age she is about to give birth to her 5th child!


Salwa is 25 years old, mother to 3 small children and 8mths pregnant.  She and her family live in a tent in the Khazir Camp located 25 kms east of Mosul.

Darya Mustafa, our team member in Erbil, is overseeing the care of Salwa leading up to the birth of her new child and will ensure that she receives the best care.  Salwa requires a Caesarian operation on 28 February that will cost USD600.  Darya is attempting to find a doctor who will do the surgery for FREE.  There will be other costs – medical and food during her hospital stay and a taxi ride back to the camp from the hospital estimated to total USD130.

In March I will visit Salwa and her family in their tent and I will take clothes and toys for the children and something personal for Salwa.

Can you donate to help us ensure that Salwa has the planned Caesarian and receives the necessary medication, food, nappies and taxi ride?




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