RAFAA – surgery completed

Rafaa is a 46 year old widow who lives in the Hassan Sham U3 camp located 25 miles east of Mosul. She has six dependent children , 2 girls and 4 boys. She was recently transported to a hospital in Erbil and after taking tests and xrays it was decided that she required surgery for axillary clearance.  When undertaking the surgery it would be decided if she would require a mastectomy.

IMG_1573 2Our friend, Darya Mustafa is case manager for Rafaa and advised us of the need for USD1200 (heavily discounted) to fund this operation.

We have just remitted these funds and the operation was performed within 2 hours of our funding.  The operation was successful – Rafaa required a mastectomy.

Darya had already organised extra fuel and food for Rafaa’s children who are in the camp under the care of their neighbour.

Funds raised through the ‘Appeal for Ali’ were utilised for this operation.  Thank you to all who contributed.


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