ALI – discharged from hospital


Update Monday 22 January 2018:

The NGO ADRA have delivered a winterisation pack and food to Ali and his family.  Still upholding this family in prayer as they continue to struggle with impoverished living conditions and Ali’s declining health.

Update Wednesday 10 January 2018:

After much prayer and consultation with Ali’s doctor, through our friend Darya Mustafa, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to cease financial support for medical treatment and surgery for Ali.  Ali is home and has deteriorated to the point where his condition is critical and proceeding with 29 injections will not sustain his life nor mean that he will be medically fit to undergo leg surgery.  I have organised for two non government organisations to provide food, warm clothing and blankets and fuel to heat the families small apartment.  Darya will continue in his case manager role for this family.  All the funds donated to the ‘Appeal for Ali’ will be diverted to other medical cases…..please read the new blogs.  Please join us in praying for Ali and his family.

Saturday 6 January, 2018

Ali is a 13 year old kurdish boy living in Erbil with his widowed mother and 3 siblings.

Ali has bone cancer and requires a further 29 injections before he can undergo leg surgery to enable him to walk again.  In the last month Ali has been a patient in a hospital in Erbil and has received 7 injections that cost USD55 or $A75 each.

Sadly, Ali was discharged from the hospital because Operation Hope had no way of sustaining the level of funding for the 29 remaining injections and leg surgery costing USD3,500.

Ali has returned to his home.   His widowed mother has no income to provide heating, food and rent, so their future is very precarious.  Ali’s immune system is severely compromised in this situation and he urgently requires the remaining injections and surgery.

After launching a special ‘Appeal for Ali’ we have received sufficient donations to fund 18 injections.  Unfortunately these injections cannot recommence until funding for all 29 injections are made.  Ali requires a strict regime of injections – 4 injections every second day and 2 injections on the other days.

Following the injection treatment Ali will need leg surgery costing USD3,500 or approximately $A4,600.

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