YASIR – Successful Surgery

Yasir was a very sick 9 year old boy when we learnt of the 17mm stone in his kidney.

IMG_1370.jpg  IMG_1511.jpg

Darya, our pharmacist friend organised to transport Yasir, his mother and younger siblings from the camp to hospital in Erbil.  Darya then organised the necessary paperwork, xrays, tests, blood, bought the pharmacutical items, food and water for Yasir and his family.


Surgery for the removal of the large kidney stone went ahead in late December and within a few days he was discharged from the hospital.

The feature photo at the top of this blog shows Yasir sitting outside the hospital waiting for a taxi that Darya organised and paid for to return Yasir and his family to the camp.

Generous donations to the Operation Hope Christmas Appeal meant that we could pay USD1600 for the operation


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