YONIS – free surgery organised in Mosul

IMG_1580Update Monday 19 February:

News has been received that Yonis required two injections rather than surgery and is now recovering well in Mosul.

Update Monday 12 February:

Yonis moved out of the camp back to Mosul with his family last week.  In the meantime we have managed to get Yonis referred to a doctor in Mosul General Hospital who will do the necessary surgery for Yonis free of charge.  The diagnosis was Baghdad Bile or Leishmaniasis…..a type of parasite.

Many thanks to Darya Mustafa and Ahmed Frakhee, the pharmacist at the ADRA emergency field hospital, for coordinating the referral of Yonis to the right help in Mosul.


Yonis is a four year old boy living with his family in Khazir camp located 25kms east of Mosul.  His parents cannot afford to pay for any medical checkups, medication or surgery.

His medical condition is unknown.  He requires transportation to Erbil, checkup with a surgeon followed by surgery.  The costs are unknown until he has the checkup.

Our friend Darya Mustafa will organise the transportation to Erbil and all the checkups once we have gathered funds for the surgery.

Please help Yonis get the medical help he so urgently requires.  The featured photo was taken 10 days ago and his condition is deteriorating.

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