RAMI – second set of injections funded

Update 16 February, 2018

We are so grateful that the USD510 needed for the injections for Rami was donated in full.  Rami will be admitted to Nanakali hospital in Erbil and have the injections administered hopefully on Sunday 18 February.

Thank you to all our donors and to Darya Mustafa who is overseeing and coordinating the treatment and logistics for Rami.


Update 9 February, 2018

Rami’s condition has deteriorated and he is suffering immense pain once more.  His doctor has recommended one more course of 4 injections costing USD510 but to be administered as soon as possible.  In fact the Doctor would like the injections administered tomorrow Saturday 10 February in the Nanakali hospital in Erbil.  If you help out please make a donation as soon as possible.


Update 28  January, 2018

Donations have been received to fully cover the USD510 required to purchase injections for Rami.  Our friend Darya Mustafa is purchasing the 4 x Kogenate F3 injections today that will be administered to Rami in the camp by a doctor. Thank you so much for your donations, Rami’s condition had gone from urgent to critical.

Rami is an 11 year old boy who lives in the Hassan Sham U3 camp located 25kms east of Mosul. HeIMG_1575 has been referred by camp doctors to hospitals in Erbil four times  for injections of Kogenate F3 for his Haemophilia. Each time he has been returned to the camp because his family cannot afford the injections, which are urgently needed.

Our friend, Darya Mustafa has obtained quotes for the cost of the injections and they range from USD210 made in Turkey, USD350 made in Germany, USD145 – unknown country of origin – but these injections expire in one month.

Please donate for this urgent case.  Please share this post on your fb page and with friends and family.  Thank you.

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