Hospital Equipment for Iraq

Although filling the 40ft shipping container is already guaranteed with the incredible amount of donations we have already received, further donations are continuing to arrive.

Thank you to the neonatal specialist at John Hunter Hospital for the donation of 6 infant incubators! Also his personal offer of support for the proposed new birth clinic in Northern Iraq including a possibly trip there himself.

Also thanks to Eldrene March for the donation of another really good sewing machine. The sewing group at Bajed Kandala hope to sew and sell children’s pyjamas.

Dear friend Lyn Thorpe-Lindenaar has delivered two more huge boxes of medical supplies from St John Ambulance.

Thank you dear Rania El Mahmoud for making the trip from Sydney with beautiful hijabs and scarves for the women in the camps.

We have purchased consumables for the donated medical equipment – batteries for the defibrillators, electrodes, probes and printing pads …… and none of these items are cheap. The latest 4 x Philips MP70 Neonatal monitors for high level monitoring received don’t have cables. These cost $450.00 per set. If you would like to help to meet the approximately $3,000 cost your donation will do wonderful work saving lives.

Bajed Kandala Camp

Bajed Kandala camp in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq where 11,500 Yazidi people have lived in camps in really hot and really cold weather for the past 4 years.
Our team will be volunteering at this camp in September/October. This camp is the destination for our shipping container.
These are the people who need our donations for medical supplies, new generator for medical clinic, sewing machines and fabric, educational resources.
Please donate to help this community.


Marwan sustained serious injury to his left leg earlier last year when he was living in Mosul.  His father has died and so Marwan has no access to finance to fund anything in his life. Major surgery that saved his leg was organised by our friend, Darya Mustafa, in a private hospital in Erbil, paid for by donations that covered the USD5,000 cost for the surgery, physiotherapy, medication and X-rays. However, the condition of the leg continues to worsen, so his leg either needs to be amputated or undergo more surgery for internal fractures and cleaning. Total cost for the operation to save his leg, medication and checkups and his stay in a private hospital will be USD2,600.


Marwan needs a second operation on his leg.

Marwan continues to live in the Hassan Sham U2 camp since it opened last May.  Currently, Marwan is treated and cared for on a daily basis by the caring staff at the Adventisthelp/ADRA emergency field hospital in the camp.

The operation is required urgently to ensure that Marwan does not have his leg amputated.

Could you please help to financially support Marwan to have this operation and therefore ensure his future is a lot more positive.