URGENT UPDATE Wednesday 7 March 2018:

Dear friends,  There has been an unfortunate situation which has affected the total amount of donations for Tamara.  Darya was promised a USD1200 donation by a friend in Iraq who works for United Nations.  This friend has been involved in a serious accident and is hospitalised …… so can no longer give the donation.

So, Darya has ordered the cornea to come from US and that is all paid for…..

But there is now USD1200 required to meet the total cost of the actual surgery.

If you could help Tamara’s sight be restored could you please donate.


using credit card/ pay pay via the donate button on our website: operationhopeaustralia.com


Make a deposit to our Bank Account

Account Name: Operation Hope

Bank: Westpac Banking corporation, Sherwood Queensland, Australia

BSB: 034 087    Account Number: 045791






Update Monday 5 March 2018

We still need to raise $201.97 to cover the final costs of ordering a cornea for Tamara from US to Erbil, Iraq.

If you are able to help with a small donation we would be very grateful.

Attached is the USD1,000 receipt for the order – we felt it was urgent to proceed with the order of the cornea and have the surgery before Tamara loses the sight in her one good eye.



Urgent update Tuesday 27 February

Tamara is ready for surgery but USD1000 is required to order the Cornea from US then proceed with the surgery.  If you can help out even with a small donation it would be really appreciated.

Update Thursday 22 February

Our team member, Darya Mustafa accompanied Tamara to an eye clinic yesterday and Dr Didar examined Tamara and has given a discount for the surgery because she and her family are internally displaced people with no money.  Dr Didar has stressed how critical this surgery has now become – a cornea has to be sent from US to Erbil.  Without urgent surgery Tamara will quickly lose the sight she has left in one eye.

Revised costs are USD3500 for surgery (already a donation has been received for USD2000).  So we need to raise USD1500 for the surgery and USD200 for medication, food and virology.  So all up total outstanding is USD1700

Please consider donating to ensure that Tamara does not lose all her sight.


Tamara is a 15 year old girl who has lost the sight in one of her eyes and the other eye has poor vision.  Tamara’s remaining eye has a condition known as Horny Cone and will lose the sight in this eye if she does not have eye surgery as soon as possible.

Her case is critical …… her family have taken her to Erbil for examination 4 times but they cannot afford the surgery for Tamara.

The surgery will cost USD4000 of which USD2000 in a donation has already been received.  We are seeking donations for the remaining surgery costs USD2000 + USD400 for biometry, virology, CBC, blood checkups, hospital stay for 2 weeks accompanied by her mother, food, taxi back to camp plus medications.  Total required USD2400

We want to help Tamara keep the remaining eye sight she has in one eye …. will you help by donating towards this urgent surgery?

Please click the donate button if you can help out.  Thank you.

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