Kim Henley – Secretary

Kim is a Mining Engineer who has worked for Orica in their Technical Services department for 29 years.

Kim has always been a supporter of projects that promote equality and Justice. Thirty years ago Kim organised a multi faith event to assist participants to widen their knowledge of other religions and cultures. Kim has played a significant administration role in the setting up of Operation Hope and in particular in the shipping container project. He is the company secretary now the Operation Hope is incorporated and listed as a charity, and dealt with ASIC, the ACNC, ATO and sorted our GST registration and also looks after the on-line accounting system.

With the container shipping project this year, I have become a lot more involved by setting up the inventory system and helping ensure every item was listed. We had no idea what the Iraq import requirements would be (and couldn’t find out from Australia). So we assumed they would be stringent and ensured our inventory would hold up to close scrutiny.

Once it arrived in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, I came with Erica to help see the container shipping project through.

I’m generally a handy-person around the place, and enjoy the challenge of doing something I have no idea about – a good attribute for sending a container to Iraq.