With a new replacement value of $A1.7 million Thank You to each person who donated.

We could not have done this without your generous contribution which has assisted thousands of Refugees and Internally Displaced people.

We had no intention of sending a second shipping container but….. when Toronto Private Hospital (in Newcastle) offered me 2 x anaesthetic machines I could not refuse. ……..And so our second shipping container project started.Again we purchased a shipping container that was used as our storing unit – and we collected, packed and then stored each item.
Kim and I spent most of February through to May collecting, repairing, charging batteries, packing and sorting the donated equipment. 

The replacement value of the equipment new is $A1.7 million dollars.

The container sailed on 2 August 2020 and arrived in the Port of Mersin in Turkey then travelled overland to the Ibrahim Khalil Border, through customs and into Duhok arriving 27 September 2020.

Contents have been distributed to 4 beneficiaries as follows:

Sinjar hospital in Northern Iraq received –

  • Stethoscope,
  • Defibrillator,
  • Paediatric Ventilator,
  • PPE masks,
  • Oxygen Concentrator (new),
  • Oxygen cylinder (new),
  • Oxygen Filling Station/compressor (new),
  • Oxygen Analysers (new)

NGO “The Lotus Flower” who work in Refugee Camps near Duhok, Kurdistan received –

  • 2,913 x Women’s Health Kits that will be distributed through Women’s Health workshops.
  • Operation Hope has now supplied 5,000 kits

School of Medicine in Mosul, Northern Iraq received:

4 x Boxes of Medical books and Journals

The Directorate of Health in Duhok received for their 11 hospitals in the Duhok province:

  • 5 x Anaesthetic machines
  • Hospital Beds
  • Blood Refrigerator baby
  • 5 x Defibrillators
  • 2 x ECGs
  • Baby Cot
  • Infant Incubator
  • Infant Intensive Care Centre
  • 58 x Infusion Pumps
  • Theatre Instruments for Surgery
  • Computer Keyboard
  • Leg Brace (mechanical)
  • Mobility aids – crutches, calipers etc
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • 8 x Video Otoscopes with 6,000 replaceable specula (all new)
  • 17 x Patient Monitors
  • Physiotherapy Equipment
  • Resuscitators
  • 3 x Metal Stands
  • Surgical Drapes (new)
  • 2 x Surgical Microscopes 
  • Tournique Inflator
  • 100 x Tracheal Tube
  • Vapourisers
  • Ventilator
  • Ventilator – Transportable
  • Wheelchairs – 11 manual + 1 electric
  • 1 x 40ft shipping container for storage etc

Thank you to our many donors – organisations, hospitals and individuals for their kind and generous donations of medical and hospital equipment, medical books and journals, Women’s Health Kits and financial donations.
Thank you to the Directorate of Health staff, in Duhok who accepted our shipping container and assisted with unpacking and distribution to all beneficiaries.

Cost of Project: $A15,000

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible