In the last 2 weeks a number of offers of valuable medical equipment have been made by hospitals in NSW.

Two anesthetic machines with a new value of $110,000 each have been offered to me by Toronto Private Hospital. How could I say no? A couple of phone calls later and Dubbo Private Hospital had offered an infant incubator and baby warmer/neonatal resuscitation unit.

  • 20 beds and 15 mattresses have been offered by Foster Private Hospital.
  • A friend in Armidale is sourcing equipment through colleagues in the medical industry.

These donations alone will half-fill a 40 ft shipping container.

Scope of the Shipping Project

This shipping container will be focused on the supply of medical equipment. There are several reasons for this;

  • Medical equipment is high value and the benefit to the people of Kurdistan including Internally Displaced People (mostly Ezidi) and Refugees, through this life saving equipment is large.
  • The inventory management of a smaller number of items will be less time consuming.
  • Transport and preparation for shipping of a smaller number of items will be a lot easier.

A shipping container will be purchased for a one-way shipment and laid down at a site new Newcastle. Donated equipment will be placed directly into the container for storage and ready for shipping, rather than stored in a warehouse to await shipping.

Operation Hope will liaise directly with the Duhok Regional Government, Iraq, Directorate of Health (DOH) to ensure the equipment is provided to the hospitals that have the greatest need. We also expect that by consigning the shipment to the DOH, the importing of the equipment through customs will be easier than the first shipment.

Significant funds are required for the project. The first shipment cost Operation Hope $25,000, excluding the shipping from Sydney to Turkey, which was donated by SEATRAM.

Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause.

If you have any medical equipment you would like to donate, please contact Erica.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible