I am in the process of scoping a livestock project for 90+ Ezidi families who are living in squalor near Shariya in the Duhok province of Kurdistan.

I am reaching out to International humanitarian volunteers, Non Government Organisations and charities to see if we can work together to fund the project.

A similar project has been very successful for Ezidi families who live on Mt Sinjar. The poorest families, widows and orphans were chosen, educated by a Veterinarian , given 19 ewes and 1 ram, shelters were built for the sheep and each family given 4 tonnes of barley.  The Veterinarian was employed to manage the 2.5 year project.  Families were chosen to participate who already had one member who was a shepherd.  An intensive 2 week educational program was run before purchasing healthy livestock.  The vet then ensured the sheep were well cared for and vaccinated.  

Our next step is to ask our partners in the Duhok region to assess whether a similar project would be a viable way to provide a sustainable project.  

The project goal is to provide a sustainable income, the means to breed to enlarge the flock, provide milk and the opportunity to make cheese and spin wool.

Please contact me erica@operationhopeaustralia.com if you would like to be involved in this project. 

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