Organising shipping donations of large and heavy medical equipment to Iraq.

A generous donation of valuable medical equipment has recent been received from Narrabri District hospital. A neo-natal rescusitaire, flash steriliser and oxygen trolley were donated to Op. We have also been given hand knitted and hand sewn clothes, jackets and medical supplies none of which will fit in our suitcases!

To get these where they are needed we need to obtain a shipping container, fill it with additional equipment needed in Iraq, and ship all the donated items to ADRA in Erbil. Any items that are not able to be used by ADRA in the emergency field hospital and camps will then be distributed to hospitals in Erbil.  The next step is to approach local hospitals in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia for donations of hospital beds, bedside cupboards, hospital linen and out of date medical supplies.

A 20ft shipping container will cost approximately $A15,000 to ship to Erbil. This is a large project that we hope to achieve this year with fundraising to raise the shipping costs.

Pictured above:

  • 1 x neonatal rescusitaire unit worth $A20,000 new
  • 1 x flash steriliser worth $A20,000 new
  • 1 x steel drawer oxygen trolley
  • 10 kg of Medical supplies
  • Some of the handknitted and handsewn clothes we have been given

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