Vision & Mission


The vision of Operation Hope Australia Ltd is to help Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, especially those in camps in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East, have hope for a better future as they seek to rebuild their lives.

We are working to provide:

  1. Access to much-needed resources, including physical and mental health services
  2. Building relationships and friendships by listening and encouraging
  3. Raising awareness in the wider community.

While some of the people involved in Operation Hope Australia Ltd come from various Christian backgrounds, it is non-sectarian and does not seek to promote any particular religious views.


  • We will volunteer to work in refugee camps and encourage others with appropriate gifts and skills to participate.
  • We will assist volunteers to share stories and information in their home communities (e.g. in churches, service clubs, social media, networks etc).
  • We will provide funds to support refugees in camps, and enable urgent medical procedures by passing on donations to trustworthy individuals who can organise best value medical intervention, ensuring that 100% of donations to Operation Hope are used for refugees.