2022 Christmas Winter Appeal

Winter is approaching in Kurdistan, and many people living in tents have few warm clothes.

As winter approaches the main concerns of the Internally Displaced People and refugees in camps is to protect themselves and their children from the cold. The weather also brings snow and flooding to the camps. Families have very limited resources to purchase necessary clothes and other items to protect them from the cold during this time of the year.

With the spread of COVID-19, many service providers left the camps and support to IDPs and refugees has reduced. Additionally, a lot of families lost their jobs during lockdown that was imposed on the camps. This has made it even more difficult for many families within the IDP and refugee communities to afford needed winter supplies for their families. Providing essential clothing for their kids to protect them from getting sick under their thin tents is too difficult for many families.

Emergency support and distribution of winter jackets, socks and shoes among the poor families in 4 areas around Duhok is needed urgently. This includes;

  • Essyan and Rwanga camps for Internally displaced people
  • Domiz 2 camp for Syrian refugees
  • A number of poor families inside Duhok city.

Operation Hope Australia partners with the locally based NGO, The Lotus Flower, to purchase and distribute clothing to the most needy refugees and IDPs. The beneficiaries of the clothing are based on needs recorded by The Lotus Flower. In past years we have been able to help over 1000 children in these locations.

Please donate to help these children through the cold winter.