Ramadan brings millions of people together globally to reflect on the power of unity, growth and spirituality.

Ramadan culminates at its conclusion with Eid, a festival of celebration, feasting and dancing. This is a time for traditional gatherings, where Muslims across the world dress in their finest clothes and bestow gifts on their children. While every culture has its own style of dress for Eid, outfits tend to feature intricate designs and luxury fabrics that symbolise purity, happiness and prosperity.

We have been invited by Non Government Organisation “The Lotus Flower” to support their 2021 Ramadan Appeal to share that love and spread some kindness to families who cannot afford to fully celebrate their tradition because of the effects of war.

We are raising funds so that the mothers in the camps can buy their children celebratory Eid outfits to mark the end of the holy month. This year, Eid begins on May 11th, bringing four weeks of Ramadan dawn-to-sunset fasting to a special close.

For the women within refugee and IDP camps, there is simply no money for this. Following years of conflict and loss, many women struggle even to feed their children on a daily basis. In addition, many of those supported by The Lotus Flower find this time of year incredibly difficult as they pause to reflect on loved ones who are still missing or killed in conflict. Of course, Internally Displaced People are living away from their destroyed homes, adding another layer of emotion to these annual traditions.