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2020 Medical Journals to College of Medicine in Mosul

More distribution from our 40ft shipping container on 30 September, 2020 in Duhok.

One of our Directors Dr Abdulrazak Barazi kindly donated medical books and journals.

Over the years and particularly in 2016 and 2017, Mosul was attacked by ISIS resulting in the destruction of many hospitals, schools and universities. Even today, doctors are providing medical assistance out of small caravans.

The donated books are going to the School of Medicine in Mosul.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards the cost of the Shipping Container Project. We are totally reliant on generous donations to implement the projects of Operation Hope.

Thank you Dr Abdul for your generous donation

Thank you to Dr Zaid (Dr Abdul’s nephew) who will ensure transport of the books from Duhok to the School of Medicine in Mosul, Northern Iraq.

Thank you to Hameed Fattah at Directorate of Health for assisting in Distribution

#Education #MedicalStudents #ResourcingMosul

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