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14 September, 2020 Update: New hard paddles for defibrillators donated.

We are very grateful to STRYKER, a medical supply company in Sydney who have donated 5 brand new hard paddles for the 5 Defibrillators that were donated from Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

The defibrillators are in the shipping container that is expected to arrive in Kurdistan in a few weeks time.

STRYKER organised import of the new hard paddles and they were given to me recently by their representative Cate Ayers. We are so thankful for their generosity – retail price for the 5 hard paddles is $A3,730.

My job is now to get the hard paddles freighted to Kurdistan so that they can be distributed along with the defibrillaters.

If you would like to contribute to the cost of freight please go to our home page and simply click the DONATE button.

Thank you.

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