Thank you for your generosity which helped purchase shoes, jackets and socks for 1,080 children in refugee camps in Kurdistan

UPDATE: Thank you to all those people who have donated to this project – a grand total of $A6,500 has been raised and sent to Kurdistan for “The Lotus flower” to purchase beautiful warm jackets, shoes and socks.

There are approximately 45,000 children in the Essyan Camp, Chamishco camp and the Renanga Community in the Duhok province of Kurdistan. Winter has arrived so it is very cold, wet to the point of flooding camps and in some camps snowing. These children need protection 24/7 from the elements whether they are in their tents or outside in the muddy camps. The children are orphaned or from poor or single parent families.

We have partnered with the local non-government organisation “The Lotus Flower” who are purchasing, from local sources, quality jackets, shoes and socks then fitting the children individually.

This project is costing:

  • $A28 for children aged 1 – 10 years of age
  • $A35 for children aged 11-15 years of age

The distribution started for 100 orphaned Yazidi refugee children in time for the Eid holiday celebration on Friday 18 December. So much joy and happiness as captured in the photos below. Further distributions will be made in the next few weeks.

Photo consent: All parents/guardians have given consent for the use of these photos to thank you for your kind donations.

Donations over $A2 are tax deductible.