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Unnamed pregnant mother – Medication funded.

A young mother with one child and 8 months pregnant with her second child was in need of medication prescribed by the doctor in the medical clinic in Khazir camp.

Due to generous donations to Operation Hope,  Darya, our team member in Erbil, purchased the 10 injections for this mother costing USD70.

Darya, will oversee the care of this mother as well as during and after the birth of her second child.  Tragically, this mother is in an abusive relationship but we will do all we can to make sure she and her children are safe and have all they need.  Darya will take me to meet this mother, her child and new baby when I travel to Iraq in March.  I will take  special items for each of them when I visit.

Please donate if you would like to help fund special items for this mother, child and her new baby.  I would like to purchase personal items for the mother including a dress and toiletries, a game or toy for the young child and baby clothes for the new baby.  Other items would be nappies, fresh fruit and any medications they require.



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