ANHAR – Medication sourced from ADRA/Adventisthelp field hospital

Exciting update Wednesday 31 January, 2018: Our NGO friends Adventisthelp who built and operate the emergency field hospital in the Hassan Sham U2 camp have offered free medication from their pharmacy for Anhar.  So working as a team Anhar will receive the medication she so desperately needs for Free.  Our grateful thanks to Darya Mustafa, … Continue reading ANHAR – Medication sourced from ADRA/Adventisthelp field hospital

MUHAMED – Discharged from Hospital

Update 3 March 2018 Muhamed is now fully recovered – thanks to the care of the staff at the ADRA/Adventisthelp emergency Field Hospital.   Update February 2nd 2018: Muhamed is being discharged from the hospital in Erbil and returning to the Hassan Sham U2 camp where he will be under the ongoing care of the … Continue reading MUHAMED – Discharged from Hospital

Unnamed pregnant mother – Medication funded.

A young mother with one child and 8 months pregnant with her second child was in need of medication prescribed by the doctor in the medical clinic in Khazir camp. Due to generous donations to Operation Hope,  Darya, our team member in Erbil, purchased the 10 injections for this mother costing USD70. Darya, will oversee … Continue reading Unnamed pregnant mother – Medication funded.

AHMAD – Operation successfully completed

Update Wednesday 24 January, 2018 Ahmad has had a successful operation that has immediately decreased the pain he was living with on a daily basis.  His family are very thankful to our donors for their kindness and support to allow this operation to occur.   Update Monday 22 January, 2018: Funding for Ahmad’s operation has … Continue reading AHMAD – Operation successfully completed